7 Side Hustles Your Spouse can do from Anywhere

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Travel nursing is more fun if you can bring your loved one along.

This isn’t an easy option for most couples. 

Not many jobs are as nomadic as travel nursing, and that generally requires the spouse or significant other to quit their job entirely to join the travel nursing life.

The issue now is that you are missing out on that sweet, sweet dual income lifestyle.

The internet has changed all of that. There are about seventy-eight million ways to make money on the internet, here are a few that I am partial to.


1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a style of writing meant to persuade customers to take a specific action.

You see copywriting every day on billboards, in emails, magazines, and on every website you visit. A good copywriter can easily make six-figures as a freelancer.

This is a niche skill and requires a fair amount of practice and education to master. Luckily, everything you need to know to get started and learn the basics can be found on Youtube and Google.

Once you have the basics down, hop on a freelancing marketplace such as Fiverr or Upwork and offer your services.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are the new age of personal assistants. They handle anything from organizing files to setting appointments to booking vacations.

Online entrepreneurs often hire virtual assistants to complete small tasks that they do not have time to complete.

These positions have very flexible hours and give you a behind the scenes peek at the world of online business.

Create a resume highlighting your life experiences and any expertise you may have. Add some personality and depth to the resume, because your potential clients will be conversing with you often and want to be sure you aren’t a total weirdo.

There are some niche VA marketplaces, but can also be found on the aforementioned freelancing sites.

3. Social Media Management


Spend hours mindlessly scrolling through facebook?

Do you update your instagram live every time you sneeze?

Have you lost entire days of your life to Tik Tok?

Turn that passion into cash! 


With ecommerce and online shopping exploding, social media managers are needed more than ever. Social media management is just as you would expect, you manage all marketing and the personality/presence of a company.

You will be responsible for posting existing marketing assets and sometimes creating your own. 


This position requires some specialized knowledge. Namely, paid advertising and the metrics that go along with it.

A quick Youtube search of “social media marketing agency” will get you started in the right direction.


4. Tutoring

Have a teaching degree you aren’t currently using? Are you good at conveying a concept at its most basic level?

Tutoring may be for you!

I don’t need to explain this one as it has been around forever, but now it has moved online. By using Zoom or Google Meet you suddenly have access to tutoring all over the world. 

It’s not only available here in the U.S, parents in many countries across the globe will pay to receive quality education and give their child an edge against others.

TEFL, or teaching english as a foreign language, is one of the most popular subjects. Native english speakers who have a talent for teaching can do very well with online tutoring. Tutor.com and tutors.com are a couple marketplaces I was able to find that do this.

    5. Data Entry

    Not super sexy, but there is always a need for basic data entry.

    The nice thing about this is that you can generally set your own hours and just work with a given deadline.

    Data entry requires the least amount of self education, you only need to know basic programs like excel and word. These positions can also be found on freelance marketplaces mentioned above.

    6. Uber/Instacart/Doordash

    If you aren’t technologically inclined and also not looking to learn a new skill, delivery services are a good way to earn a little extra cash.

    All you need is a halfway decent, working vehicle and you are good to go!

    While this job doesn’t enjoy the freedom of online work, it is much less of a headache to get started.

    7. Content Writer

    If you enjoy writing or have knowledge in a specific subject, content writing may be for you.

    The vast majority of freelance content writing is done in the form of blog posts. Online entrepreneurs often have businesses or blogs that they control, but don’t have time to write content for their site. This is where you come in.

    A great strategy is to niche down into a specific subject. This will position you as more of an expert and allow you to crank out articles more quickly.

    The pay structure for these very greatly, some paying per word and some paying per article. If a company likes your writing style they will often come back to you for each and every post they need created.