How to Travel with Pets

by | Oct 30, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Before Your Assignment

You’ll need to do a few things before your assignment, which actually are the most important. You know your pet best! Are they really fit for traveling? Do they have high anxiety with change to their routine? Would talking to your vet help? These are things to keep in mind well before you begin traveling. If you and your vet think it’s okay — you can move onto the next steps!

We suggest getting them fully up to date with vaccines / preventatives before you move. This will save a lot of time and headaches trying to find an affordable vet or someone you trust. Keep a copy of their records for emergencies. 

Next, you’ll need to lock down housing that allows your pet! Depending on where you go, they will have rules about breed, size, type, age, and how many. If not all of those. If you have an “aggressive breed”, don’t be discouraged! It might take you a bit longer to find housing, but it is out there! PS: we don’t believe in aggressive breeds, it’s the owner. 

After you have secured housing, it’s time to look for doggy daycares or pet sitters! We like to know exactly where our dogs will be going and what type of facility / person it is. We usually end up using the Rover app. It’s like care.com, but for pets! Because of the hours we have to work, daycares usually aren’t open yet. So we like to use a highly rated person on Rover! 


During Your Assignment

Take your pet on adventures! For example, dogs love exploring just as much as we do! Look up trails, beaches, hikes, parks and restaurants that allow pets. AllTrails is a great app to explore for pet friendly trails! Nps.gov is always a great resource for national parks!  If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in a place like San Diego that is SUPER dog friendly! You’ll be able to take your fur baby everywhere! And don’t think your cat can’t come with! There are some REALLY COOL backpacks out there for them to explore too!


If you’re not into daycares or having your pet stay somewhere else while you work, you can also find people on Rover to do “check ins” for you. They will walk, feed, water and let your pet relieve themselves. Sometimes they even groom them! You will want to explore one or all of these options to keep your pet happy during long changes!


Pet Training

We highly suggest crate training your pet. Sometimes, dogs especially, like to have a spot of their own. If you successfully crate train them, they will feel comfort in their crate and make it their safety spot while you are traveling. If you’re worried about how your dog responds during stress, we suggest asking a trainer for some behavioral training advice. Also, know that you can protect your pet by using vests / shirts / collars / leashes that say things like “anxious, do not approach” to let others know not to interact. 


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